Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sales Trends Fact or Fiction

I stumbled upon this interesting white paper illustrating the sales trends that have been researched leading into 2010 and possibly beyond. The interesting information details that there seems to be less monies invested in the selling function but still a big demand on success and performance.

Follow this link for the full article

A pdf version of a white paper regarding this report is available (provide your name, company details and position) via return email.

Keeping with this theme of reduced investment in the selling function you may wish to follow a very vibrant and stimulating debate happening over at linkedIn group (, its worrying that a declining investment trend has been indentified for sales rather than the opposite, what of the future given this scenario??

The has a good archive of selling articles and indepth insights i would recommend bookmarking this blog and keeping savvy on the changing world of selling.

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