Thursday, 20 May 2010

Career and Jobseeker Mapping - a Successful Strategy where you take Control

How long do you take to trawl through the Local Newspaper, Internet Job Site or Social Media Channel to seek out opportunities matching your career or skills background - no doubt quite a long time! After you have repeated this exercise how many opportunities do you have to aim/apply for. Dependent upon your experience and background this number may well vary from person to person and also be affected by the economic climate, such as we are experiencing currently.

Whatever the result of this effort there is no guarantee of the outcome or indeed the numbers or amount of opportunities we can pursue, it is controlled by what is available at the time and published via the web or news print.

In addition there is the speculative approach or recruitment agency and of course posting your CV onto the internet (e.g. Monster, CV Library, Jobsite) all of which, dependent upon your background and/or experience may provide additional opportunities.  As with the more popular method of search this also has varying results and is again influenced by events we cannot totally control.

Mapping allows you to take an in-depth look at your skills, Value and Industry or Market Sectors and will provide you with a wealth of additional resources and opportunities, maybe ones you were not already aware of.

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