Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sales Trends Fact or Fiction

I stumbled upon this interesting white paper illustrating the sales trends that have been researched leading into 2010 and possibly beyond. The interesting information details that there seems to be less monies invested in the selling function but still a big demand on success and performance.

Follow this link for the full article

A pdf version of a white paper regarding this report is available (provide your name, company details and position) via return email.

Keeping with this theme of reduced investment in the selling function you may wish to follow a very vibrant and stimulating debate happening over at linkedIn group (, its worrying that a declining investment trend has been indentified for sales rather than the opposite, what of the future given this scenario??

The has a good archive of selling articles and indepth insights i would recommend bookmarking this blog and keeping savvy on the changing world of selling.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Google Buzz and Personal Branding | Blog

For those who still think Personal Branding isn't for them, check the linked blog post below. If you cant be seen then you will never be asked or known, in a selling or marketing profession who and what you are is what makes the difference, making yourself known for you expertise and making yourself visible has to be a priority. Heard the saying 'right time right place' it does have some truth especially if you are failing to be considered or indeed contacted about that once in a lifetime career opportunity.

Google buzz is part of the Google giant, as with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn they are today's essentials in getting you, the brand out there to be visible and gaining the opportunities ahead of your competition.

Google Buzz and Personal Branding |

Saturday, 13 February 2010

You never know who your real friends are until adversity overtakes you and you need co-operation

Friends, companions or acquaintance who really knows, we class as we interact on a social or professional level. From all of our personal experiences we cannot always be certain of who will step up to the mark and provide that support and understanding which any situation we find ourselves in demands.

Being an avid follower of the Napoleon Hill foundation and daily quotes the one below landed in my inbox today!! After i had read it, I thought it more than worthy passing on the wisdom and insight, compelling yes, but how many of our friends, colleagues, acquaintance or other would think in this same way?? I believe I have some who certainly think in this way..........
You never know who your real friends are until adversity overtakes you and you need co-operation
Everybody loves a winner, it has been said, but nobody knows you when you’re down and out. One of the often unappreciated benefits of adversity is that it accelerates the process of identifying your true friends. Most of us have many acquaintances and associates, but we are indeed fortunate if we have a handful of real friends. You will very quickly identify yours when you ask them for help. The wise individual is the one who, when asked for assistance, recognizes that he may one day find himself in the same situation.

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