Wednesday, 6 January 2010

2010 a New Year, New Challenges and New Beginnings

If like me and countless many others during the past few days you have sat down reflected on last year, put it into perspective and set yourself some goals for the coming year. Last year was a mixed one for me personally but i have risen to the many challenges and i believe conquered them, now i am looking forward with positivity to a year filled with fresh challenges and new opportunities.

This year has started with a flourish already and i am privelidged to have contributed to a fantastic new book 'Ignite your Passion' there i talk about my passion 'RAIDers of the Lost Sale' along with 15 authors who share their own personal experiences and contributions to what fires our passion. Without bias the book will inspire anyone to take steps this year to fulfil their own personal goals and dreams, we are all individuals and capable of great things, believe in yourself then believe it will happen.

A preview chapter is available for download as is the opportunity to buy your own copy a discount code is available and is detailed also, feel free to leave a comment

Please also take a look at to see more news and reviews of this inspiring book and feel free to leave comments, i hope you enjoy the read!!