Thursday, 30 April 2009

On the move - keeping in touch Mobile networking

Just a short blog following the subject of networking which i have recently featured.

You're out and about, no office, no latop/desktop/netbook, how other than the traditional sms (text message) do you/we keep in touch and upto date.

Now theres a world of different applications, gadgets and means of keeping updated whilst you're on the move, but i just wanted to take a quick look at some of the tools and applications which can really keep you one step ahead.

Mobile phone - everyone has got one, whatever the use, photo, text, mms, twitter (if your on o2 in the uk) and phone calls. But what about writing a letter in word, or supplying some financial data in excel, or even putting together a quick presentation. Quickoffice (which is available for many handsets/PDA/Iphone) has all this in one application. the latest version now has office 2007 capabilitites, read, write, edit and then save your work, even email in advance of your arrival to a meeting or the office.
Other useful add ons for your mobile include social networking applciations, such as twittix (for your twittering), facebook (limited to certain operators) otherwise there is a mobile version,there is also a beta version of the linkedIn site available for mobiles direct you mobile browser to

Other mobile applications combine more than one of the popular social networking sites, and as well as updating, allows you to instantly chat whilst on the move, an example of this is fring. Fring will also let you call skype to skype, in addition to most if not all Instant messaging (IM) forums (Gtalk, yahoo, MSN)

I must admit this is one of my favourite applications, it is feature rich, and if you have a wi-fi capable mobile/pda/iphone then free internet calls on the move is of great benefit.

The mobile world is constantly changing, new models, capabilities, touchscreen, slide out keyboards, 8 mega pixel build in cameras with flash, 16 gigabite internal memory to name but a few, and there are a multitude of sites and blogs covering every subject matter, whether by mobile operating platform or handset specific.

I hope to write about more of the mobile networking tools which are available and up and coming, so keep watching my twitter alerts (@hughesandy) and visit the blog regulary.
Links below for the applications detailed within the blogcast

Monday, 20 April 2009

Networking tools - keeping on top and in touch with your network!

I posted previously a very thorough and insightful look at networking courtesy of April M. Williams of CyberLife Tutors ( To follow this, i would like to share with you a fantastic Outlook plug-in tool which will revolutionise your networking.
Xobni - is an outlook plug-in which organises all of you emails, and creates temporary contacts for everyone you correspond with, whether, business, family or friends. It will also display;
  • Facebook detials - complete with link
  • LinkedIn details - again with a link
If you dont have a telephone number for a contact, xobni will find it for you by sending an email requesting the number.
This feature rich plug-in really is a fantastic companion for managing your newtwork, and best of all its FREE!!.
Follow the link below to download, and view a demo video and details of all the fantastic features xobni has to offer.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Networking do it Right and Reap the Rewards

Ever thought about your networking skills? Whether social or business what are the do's and dont's and what results should you anticipate.I came across an article recently which i believe answers all the questions on this subject. 

Many thanks to April M. Williams of CyberLife Tutors for her kind permission to post this article on my blog, please visit CyberLife Tutors for some fantastic insights into managing your career

Career Networking Does Not Produce Instant Results

2009-03-25 11:40:14-04

Are you expecting instant results from your networking? If so, you may be disappointed. Networking is not a one time activity. The most successful networkers are consistent and network for life.

As a business and career coach I ask my clients about their networking plan. Some clients tell me they tried networking once and it did not work. I spend a good portion of each day talking with people. I talk to all kinds of people including corporate professionals, small business owners, strategic partners and other regular people. It is very rare for these discussions to immediately produce sales or new clients.

What does happen is that I develop on going relationships with people. I look for ways I can add value to their career and personal life. I follow up after the initial contact with an interesting article, a referral or note just to say hello.

There are times when I meet a person several times before I even talk about my career. It is not unusual for me to get a call from someone I met 6 or 12 months earlier with a coaching referral or public speaking request. Everyone knows other people. You never know when one of your contacts will connect you to the perfect job opportunity, strategic partnership or new client.

If you are looking for networking to drive huge changes over night, it is time to reset your expectations. Slow and steady is the way to develop and nurture networking relationships which are mutually beneficial to both parties.
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