Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ways to help a friend survive job search

As this is he first post on my blog i thought this very appropiate, given i am currently in a similar situation,,,,,,,,,,,heads up to great friends 

Amy Baker, a partner marketing specialist in the technology industry in San Francisco, was pushed into an unexpected job search last year and was the recipient of many thoughtful supportive gestures, which she has itemized below.

When I hear a friend has been laid off, I do at least some of the following:

1. I invite them to lunch.

2. I present them with a “job search survival kit.” This includes a notebook for writing their ideas/interview notes in and a Starbucks card for the networking they will do or simply for a treat.

3. The first piece of advice in the notebook is “Always accept a free lunch. You will do the same when you are in their shoes.” Most people don’t know how to be on the receiving end of generosity and forget it makes both sides feel good.

4. I tell them the first thing they should do is sign up for unemployment, and I explain how it works and what to do (many are not familiar with the system, but it was a godsend during my search) .

5. I make sure they are on LinkedIn, offer help with their résumé and offer to be a recommendation.

Find out what the other 5 were by following the link:

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