Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Top tips for using your cameraphone

Smile! You’re about to learn five fantastic ways to get the most from your cameraphone. Yes, we’re talking about that crummy, low-resolution point-and-shoot that’s built into your mobile. It’s a lot more useful than you think, provided you point it at the right things:

  • Where you parked  Now where’d you leave the car? G7? F4? If only you’d taken a photo of the nearest signpost, and maybe a few landmarks to boot. Take it from us: Losing your car in a crowded airport lot — especially when it’s 10 degrees out — is not fun.
  • Your passport and/or driver’s license  If one of these documents goes missing while you’re traveling, you’re potentially screwed. Before you embark, take a snapshot of your license and/or passport, making sure the numbers are legible. If nothing else, you’ll have an easier time proving your identity and getting your documents replaced.
  • Your hotel room number  Sounds nuts, I know, but remember: Hotels no longer put room numbers on room keys. If you’re the forgetful type, this beats stopping at the front desk to ask for your own room number.
  • The label on the wine bottle  A client raves about the bottle of wine you shared over dinner. Snap a photo of the label (when he/she’s not looking, of course) so you can match it later, then send along a bottle (or even a case, if it’s a big client) to help seal the deal.
  • EvernoteQipitScanR  Snap a photo of business card, cocktail napkin, whiteboard, or whatever, then send it to one of these free information-management services. From there you can organize, share, publish, or even fax your “digital copy.”
  • (Special thanks to Business hacks)
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