Tuesday, 21 December 2010

If You Have a Gift, It Is a Crime Not To Let Others See It

If You Have a Gift, It Is a Crime Not To Let Others See It

A recent new connection through the LinkedIn network portal posted an interesting article about sharing your gift, and why you shouldnt be afraid to let the world know. With kind permission of Carson i have
posted the article here to continue reading the full article please follow the link below.

Every time I drop my princess daughter off at the sitter's and she has a treat of some kind, she is required to share with the others. One of my primary goals is to instill in her the principle and concept of putting others ahead of herself. While it is not always easy or desirable to do, the outcome pays dividends. This very mantra led me to the success I have had in the selling game and in sales leadership and that same principle should be applied in your daily life - be it in career or pursuit of your dreams.

We were all born into this world with something to give. Every one of us. Trouble is, we often get caught up on what we do not have or what is holding us back rather than making the choice to shine. For, after all, it is a choice.

We all need affirmation of some kind - someone to tell us that we are good. This is the very reason many people seek this in significant others and become dependent on their "love" - they have to have this confirmation to keep themselves going. Others of us find that drive and the necessary mechanics internally. Some cower in the corner, afraid of rejection or ridicule.


Article by Carson V Heady Author of "Birth of a Salesman" / Marketing Manager at World Audience, Inc

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