Monday, 20 April 2009

Networking tools - keeping on top and in touch with your network!

I posted previously a very thorough and insightful look at networking courtesy of April M. Williams of CyberLife Tutors ( To follow this, i would like to share with you a fantastic Outlook plug-in tool which will revolutionise your networking.
Xobni - is an outlook plug-in which organises all of you emails, and creates temporary contacts for everyone you correspond with, whether, business, family or friends. It will also display;
  • Facebook detials - complete with link
  • LinkedIn details - again with a link
If you dont have a telephone number for a contact, xobni will find it for you by sending an email requesting the number.
This feature rich plug-in really is a fantastic companion for managing your newtwork, and best of all its FREE!!.
Follow the link below to download, and view a demo video and details of all the fantastic features xobni has to offer.

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